Bringin You Da Good Vibes!


Every Thursday at Zurich Bar & Cafe from 5pm

Lang Suan Road, Bangkok-Thailand

last night - Dec 29 2005

ElectroDubFunk is for music lovers.

Full Reviews of every Thai album played...

There are three parts to the evening. The first part of the night is for presenting a varied selection of tracks which we consider the best in our collections. Warm down after work with tasty and fresh Thai cuisine while listening to the highest quality cuts.

The second part of the evening is from 8pm when we present the newest and freshest cuts made by local producers. Every Thursday DJ Kotau selects two or three new CDs from the sponsor stores located in Siam Square. Only releases that are less than two months old are selected. We test out the new CDs and play the best tracks from the past two months purchases. At the same time we give local producers who haven't released there work a chance to hear it on a powerful sound system. This helps people fine tune the works in progress so we can have better final cuts when they are ready to be released.

After 10pm is a chance for a guest DJ to play their favorite tracks from their collection. Sometimes it is a live mix of new music and sometimes a 'Back to Mine' kind of set is on offer. You never know what the Gust DJ will come up with and we love it like that. This is also the time for cheap cocktails so you can get your glow on without breaking the bank.

ElectroDubFunk is for people who want to support their local producers and hear some of the newest and freshest locally made beats while also being able to chat in a relaxed environment without having to struggle to hear over speakers pumping excessively loud music. Of course if you want to dance there is room to groove too.