Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

Calypso Riddims 2

Dec 17 2005

Bangkok, Thailand

The second Calypso Riddims party was a showcase of the heaviest Dub sounds in Bangkok mixed with the Roots/Rock Steady vibes of the Kai-Jo Brothers Band.

The evening kicked off at 8pm with a foray into the baddest, heaviest Dub sounds in DJ Kotau's collection. By overlaying delays and looping samples he succeeded in recreating many of the songs, melding them into eath other like plasticine.

After a 3 1/2 hour set it was time for the Kai-Jo Brothers to make their presence felt. They were immediately greeted by a supportive crowd many of them forgoing the chance to see Nu:Tone in action so they could be immersed in the Kai-Jo experience. The Kai-Jo Brothers are a finely honed machine. Just about to relese their second album and playing regularly and weekly for the past two months they have developed a warm and uplifting sound punctuated with one of the tightest horn sections in Thailand.

After playing their first set it was time for the limbo Danceoff. Hosted by MC Helix this was a much more competitive Limbo danceoff than the first Calypso Riddims party. With 20 participants there was some real talent in the crowd. You can see the photos for proof of the flexibility of the contestants. The limbo was eventually won by a local beauty of Japanese origin but she was hotly pursued by a local Thai male who caught the second prize.

After a brief excursion into some Reggaeton and Dancehall beats with an impromptu MC session from Helix and Richard it was back into the second set for the Kai-Jo Brothers. This time round they were able to loosen the dreadlocks and let rip with some great guitar solos from Kai and Took. There were also guest appearances on the mic from the 'Rastafari' crew. The crowd was not dissapointed and by the time 2:00 rolled around they were begging for more. However as usual the lights went on at two on the dot and the security had to move in to flush everyone out.

It was a great night for the Calypso Riddims crew and the Kai-Jo Brothers. We all felt that the crowd support was excellent and the venue is a perfect size for intimate live music sets.