Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

Calypso Riddims

Oct 15 2005

Bangkok, Thailand

Calypso Riddims was an excellent night for DJCJ's first Bangkok event. About 120 people turned up to show their support for the Dub/Dancehall sound and although there were a few mistakes it was mostly because people were so relaxed from the "chill Dub vibes". Now we have put the system through it's paces ourselves it's just gonna get tighter.

The evening started off with sound downtempo Dub classics from the likes of King Tubby and Burning Spear, moving into a bit of Lovers rock courtesy of BoomBastic. Next it was time for a bit of freestyle dub sessioning with Kotau and UziJahcuzi on the delays and samples. The tempo continued to be pumped up with some dubby mixes and an early show from Katsuji. Then the return of the unstoppable Boombastic the time was ripe for a Dancehall trip.

After pleasing the early arrivals with some warm up beats it was time for Kotau to make another foray deep into the dub sounds. A decidely uptempo selection with a bit of trouble with the sound quality at first but soon worked out into some of the phattest and smoothest beats of the night. He even managed to prop for Richard Dorfmeister who is apparently on his way over in the New Year.

Kotau was joined by UziJahcuzi and B King on the mic. The first of many highlights of the night came when B King ascended to the DJ Booth to freestyle over a remix of 50 cents by the Mad Professor. With his finely honed skillz and just about to relase his second album he had the crowd in awe and eager for more.

After a loose and energizing set from Kotau it was time to Limbo! Even local hero Spydamonkee had a couple of goes under the bamboo pole. After a valiant attempt by Helix who challenged the winner to a rematch, the bottle of Malibu, tickets to the Mad Professor and a copy of his latest CD, were won by a local face recently arrived in Bangkok from France.

By this point it was Spydamonkee on the decks with a well rounded and stylishly executed Dancehall set. He took turns sharing the controls with Katsuji giving the audience a mix between hip hop flavor and da roots style, a vibrant combination that left no one out by providing the divese selection they wanted to hear.

The Best Headdress was eventually won by a local Thai with an excellent head of Dreadlocks. Pretty hard look to compete with unless you are willing to get creative with your hats.

All in all it was a well rounded event that had the crowd feeling "Good Vibes". If the number of smiles is anything to go by these parties look to make a lot of people very happy in the future.