Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

Mad Professor

Aug 14 2004

Seoul, Korea

The Mad Professor in Seoul, Korea was an eye opening event for us. It was our first time to work with a truely top class entertainer. It has become a pivot point for our progress so far and we feel we are only getting better at what we do because of it.

He arrived in Korea with three days to spare. In that time we were able to show him some sites and get to know him on a personal level. His favorite food is lobster and he has a penchance for chicken too. He has a wealth of musical experience and knowledge which we were able to share with a few of the local musicians when he took the helm of the dub musicians master class. The only event of it's kind to be held in Korea so far.

A few more records were broken during his stay in Korea. He was the first Dub musician to make the 2 hour flight from Japan, He was the first big international star to play in Jay bar in Itaewon, he was also the first musician to completely blow the brand new speakers at Jay Bar and may have also contributed to the demise of the dmX sound system also.

Well, we tried our best to make do with the equipment we had available. Anyway as the saying goes "A poor worksman blames his tools" and there was definitely no blame being directed at the Mad Professor. Not only did he blow the system he nearly blew the roof off the building too with the phattest sound to be heard in Korea. "It was a sea of heads, I've never seen it so packed" was one hot and sweaty dancers response. We like to think that the choice of a smaller venue for a smaller audience provided a more intimate and ultimately fulfilling experience for the Korean audience.

Not only did he pump the sound system to the maximum levels of audio perfection but he even allowed some of the more enthusiastic audience members to do a guest spot on the mic. You couldn't wipe the ecstatic smile of one womens face as she recounted to her friends the buzz of being able to perform live on stage to a packed crowd with the man himself at the controls.

Another first was the full back page article in the Jungang Ilbo. The Korean addition to the IHT. We were lucky enough to get in touch with a reporter who just happened to think the Massive attack vs Mad Professor remix album is one of the best in the world. It certainly helps when the media is motivated to turn up for an interview and really put their heart into it.

All up the night was a smashing success. By the time He finished everyone was worn out, drenched in sweat, pumped on sexual energy and blasted with dub vibrations to last at least the next 5 days and no doubt longer for the lucky ones who actually got to have a one to one experience with the Master of Dub.