Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

Shevaka Trance

Dec 19 2003

Seoul, Korea

Shevaka Trance was originally a coordinated effort between Shevaka and DJCJ to create an event focused entirely on the best Trance available in Korea. Done by locals instead of the highly paid international artists. It was a way to educate and provide a place for local musicians to satisfy the Trance bug that is dominant in many parts of Europe.

The music provided was a selection of Psy Trance and the sound system was one of the most powerful bass stacks in Seoul. The venue was dark and hard. Not the most perfect choice for a Trance event but it still provided a unique atmosphere for some very deep excursions into trance like states for both the musicians and the dancers.

The DJ's were OmShallom, Flashena, Damonz and Kotau with guest performances from Ripley Tao and his Drummers and various guitarists who were intent on getting as far into outer space as possible.

In general it was not a high turn out event. This was a combination of both the location of the venue and the target audience. There just aren't that many Trance lovers in Seoul. To really make the scene pump it is necessary to run regular outdoor events in an easy to get to yet isolated location of Seoul. Not as easy to arrange as it sounds.

The future of Trance in Seoul is dependant on the locals making the outdoor events happen. It's going to be a long haul and the motivation is really about love of the genre than a chance to make any kind of money from the effort. One thing you can be sure of is that any events that come to fruition in the future will be positive and well remembered by the people who do take part. Just don't expect to see the thousands of off their head dancers like you would in other parts of the world.