Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

3 Bands 3 DJs

Feb 29 2004

Seoul, Korea

3 bands and 3 DJ's was a chance to make experimental music in one of the most comfortable venues in Seoul. DGBD, a fusion of two former clubs Drug & Blue Devil, appparently haunted by the ghost of the former owner who died tragically while swimming in the Han river. The main owner was an old hand in the Hongdae scene who actually started one of the first live music bars in Hongdae.

The policy of the venue was to provide a diverse selection of Korean made live music. The owners contacts went back a long way even to the point where she could single handedly stop a large festival being put on by the ever expanding "Club Night" team who were trying to corner the live music market in Hongdae. Not content with the DJ market they also wanted to take over control of the Live music policy of the Hongdae zone. This culminated in the "Stop the War" meetings where the local business owners were adament that no one company should have so much authority in Hongdae.

Unfortunately for the organisor he was sick as a dog on the night but the selection of Korean medicine he had to take helped put a slightly different edge on his performance. In the end it just meant the crowd was treated to the first live performance of the current duo of Jet Echo as Kotau was too drained from the previous performance to do an improvised encore at the end of the night.

The bands were two Korean alt rock gems, Nasty Yona and Heady Mama followed by the Jet echo crew recently released from their obligations to "Bihaengsun" for live performances. The show was defintely stolen by the chicks from Heady Mama, who were well received by the mostly "Waygook" audience. After their searing rendition of "Nirvana's - Smells like teen spirit" the audience didn't want them to leave the stage. The crowd was well pleased by this and the stage was set for a grunty performance from the Jet Echo Crew.

The crowd was also treated to the first Seoul performance of three producers. One an old hand in the Melbourne scene, Stryder-Hiryu, with two debuts by Seth Abare and Azza. Stryder's set was a mix between dubby down tempo and electro tech. He is one of the only DJs in Korea who has an international distribution of his tracks even being released on WARP records. Seth Abare's set was a collection of intimate electro tracks. A fusion between solo artist, trip hop, techno and down tempo. Azza arrived with a full CD of unmastered Dub tracks which were well crafted and uplifting tunes. The bass was definitely pumping with these three in control.

All up the night was a success. We had a small supportive crowd with a great selection of local musicians. There was even a love match made by two of the people in the crowd who are now living happily together in France. It was a random meeting but it shows that at a DJCJ event it is even possible to meet someone who you might end up with forever.