Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

DJCJ & G l o w Bar

Proudly Present


Breakbeat Don
Friday, 2 June 2006
B400 incl 2 drinks
10pm onwards

DJCJ Events & Glow Bar proudly bring to Bangkok Thailand for the first time... Myagi - Canada's premier Breaks DJ & Producer.


Starting at 11 Myagi warmed up the crowd with some deeper sounds that are normally reserved for the end of the night. Obviously he was not worried about offending anyone as we were all up for it affecionados who knew our sounds and wanted to hear something a bit more challenging than a typical night out in Bangkok. It is a testament to Glow that the Myagi felt comfortable enough to start with some more challenging textures.

After getting a few of his favorite shots of Jagermeister down him Myagi and the crowd starting ot fill up the floor we had a special guest visitor arrive in the form of Aquasky's Keiron Bailey. He then proceeded to listen intensely for rest of the night.

The crowd was well ready to rock out and by the time Myagi dropped his signature track Dirty Girls it was obvious that everyone there was gonna party hard. The bar staff were kept on their toes and the drinks were flowing freely.

By the end of the night Myagi had the crowd begging for more and everyone was left with a good buzz.