Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

La Casa Internacional

Sat 25 March 2006

Polly's Bar, Langsuan Road, Bangkok, Thailand

This was a fun night out for the 'La Casa' team. The DJ's were given free range to go places musically that normally they have to hold back on so they don't "upset" the average listener/dancer.

The evening started off with Florian Lux on the decks playing Funky Vocal House and warming the sound system. After him was Microgen who played a warm up set around 10:30 to 11:30. Next was Ronny Slama with some brand new Electro tracks that he was very keen to get pumping over Pollys' Sound system system and then Cello stepped up for a blistering set of some of the deepest and darkest tracks in his collection as well as the most progressive sounds he could find.

By that stage the seeds had been sown for Florian to come back on and play some of his more aggressive and challenging Electro House. The sounds seemed to be getting darker and louder no doubt helped along by the three bottles of Absolut vodka we had consumed by that stage.

By that point in the night the crowd was ready for a refresh so Migrogen teamed up with Cello on the hardware and Ronny on the decks to give us a taste of the future with an impromptu jam session. It was definitely not one to be missed as the music was sooo fresh and clean. These guys really know House music and we expect big things from them in the near future.

The evening was finished off with a deviation from House into a small dub session from Kotau making the most of the Pioneers digital delay and FX console.

The overall feeling from the evening is that something very special happened. With the musical freedom that the exclusivity of Pollys Bar allows being a central ingredient in the creative process. PLUS they have a really big plasma screen which is perfect for Anime!