Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

Mad Professor

Feb 14 2006

Bangkok, Thailand

Valentines day 2006 saw the arrival of the Mad Professor in Bangkok at 6am after a hectic weekend of touring Greece. We were lucky to have the man arrive at all due to his extreemly tight schedule. We were event luckier still because he brought the Trixsters - Joe and Kamal - along for the ride.

After an interview at the Fat Radio recording studios we had an eventful afternoon in the heart of Bangkok before the sound check at Q bar in the early evening. The Mad Professor has his setup down to a fine art needing less than 10 minutes to pack in and connect all the plugs for his gear. An Alesis HD24 with a few special FX boxes for good measure. The sounddesk was an Allen and Heath 16 channel with 6 aux sends. "The perfect setup" according to the Man behind the controls.

While DJ Cavo was performing his last Dancehall set at Q bar the Mad professor was whisked away on arrival to be interviewed by MTV Asia. Then after half an hour he was downstairs ready to take over control and make the crowd pump with the Ariwa energy. The first song was an excursion into deep bass frequencies to soften up the crowd for the fun about to begin.

Once he started he wasn't gonna let up, while twisting peoples minds with the alien vocals "The Mad Professor coming to you from Mars" he proceeded to drop the phattest tracks of his selection. Including the remix of 50 cents "P.I.M.P", The recent ariwa releases "Push, Push, Push, George Bush" and the yet to be released "40 plus" it was definitely the most "out there" event that Q bar had ever put on and to our satisfaction the audience was up for it all the way.

Unfortunately for the Bangkok audience the time limit at Q Bar is officially 1:00 but the Mad Professor wasn't about to stop because of some artbitrary red tape. After all this is the man who "...Plays what the BBC won't...". What does he care about the ridiculous closing time at an adult event? Not to worry as the next day "Farang magazine" were ready to fill the gap and do an exclusive in depth interview for their asian based audience.

After the "Farang" interview was the master class at "SAE". About 30 people turned up including many of the Bangkok Dub Massive. The Mad Professor gave a detailed history of his progress from enthusiastic beginner to his current status as one of the best and most respected in the industry. He had some words of caution for the fledgling amatuers that the music industry has changed a lot since the hey days of the 80's. The digital revolution has literally sucked the juice from the industry where a release that would have sold 100,000 copies in the past is now lucky to get up to 10,000 sales. Somber words for any professional musician.

However, the day was far from doom and gloom with many excellent questions coming from the SAE resident teachers including DJ Dragon among others. After the class was finished and a brief tour of the facilities on offer at SAE the Mad Professor gratiously signed rare copies of newly pressed CD's for the lucky few who were able to purchase one on the day.