Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

Ethos Beach Party

Aug 2 - 3 2003

Anmyundo, Korea

The Ethos Beach Party in association with the Anmyundo Summer Collaboration Festival was our first foray into the outdoor events market. The event was free to everyone but donations were encouraged. We had over 25 DJ's and 5 Live bands and a 15 Kilowatt sound system and a lighting rig that could have lit a football field in a coal mine.

The event was a magical experience for everyone who made it through the holiday weekend traffic to the small penninsula of Baram Arae (meaning "Under the wind"). We were blessed with absolutely bone dry, cloudless and sunny skies. Perfect weather for the three days of the event and the tide graced us with it's highest peak the day before leaving the sand dry and white for the entire event. Many people have often told us that it was the highlight of their year in Korea in 2003 and that it was something they will never forget or even expected to see happen in Korea.

In all, about 500 people turned up for the party. We were allowed to setup tents on the beach and the local store and restaurants were treated to a new experience with so many dance party enthusiasts descending into their normally Korean only space. One of the highlights of the event was seeing the local aged ones shakin their booty and doing their thang at 4 in the morning while the bass bins pumped the cutting edge deep house and trance. What choice did they have anyway? No one was going to get any sleep that night.

Another highlight for the crowd was the team up by Lokee and Jai Mo putting out a tag team selection of pumping beats to get the dancefloor bouncing. The audience was also treated to a superb drum solo from a local Korean artist who set the stage just as the sun went down and the party was about to crank into fifth gear.

Visually there were a few highlights from fire poi to a pulsating light display in the early morn and a 5 meter high teepee made from local driftwood. However the most thrilling visuals were provided by DomDom with his slide show of crazy images. Projected onto a huge white sheet, his warped and trippy art was definitely a unique bonus addition to the event. Something that has yet to be repeated in a nation where technology and an obsession with speed is the status quo.

The event was rounded off by an encore performance from Dylan in the morning period and a Dub selection from Kotau in the Bar Nana zone on the dmX sound system. Unfortunately we were unable to finish the event off with the pounding Dub selection from Kevin on the main sound system as he was so worn out from the setup and previous nights events that he couldn't be woken no matter what we tried.

Unfortunately for us, we were unable to get back enough money from the donations to cover our costs. You would think that in 500 people who have gone out of their way to come to an outdoor event that there would be enough people that would contribute a little cash each but alas human nature does not work like that. It is the same problem at the Full moon party in Koh Phanang, Thailand too. Most people would rather save their money and just dance the night away. However we later found out that even though we had been promised the beach was a public space where anyone could camp for free one of the locals decided to collect W10,000 for every tent and made off with a huge pile of cash for his efforts. There was no way to get the money back after the event so he must have been well chuffed with his little scheme.