Bringin You Da Good Vibes!

DJCJ has been running events in Asia for the past seven years. Previously based in Bangkok, Thailand and before that Seoul, Korea, we have had sell out crowds at events ranging from outdoor events including the Ethos beach party, the Itaewon Alley festival to the international Dub icon the Mad Professor and reknown breaks producer DJ Myagi. We are now based in Sydney, Australia and are focusing on non agressive musical expression and events catering to a good vibes crowd.

Our goal is to provide a feeling of community and mutual respect. We are proud of the fact that we have always achieved a 50/50 split in turnout between the local and foreign/tourist audience.

We actively support local musicians, performers and artists with our events showcasing the talented people that we meet. We provide top quality entertainment that stimulates you while pushing your boundaries and providing unique memories to treasure.