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We have found our music transforming into this current form. Brought together in Seoul, Korea. We have been working together for the past year as a team. During that time we worked with Bihaengsun - a Korean rock/triphop band who we toured with around the country and outer districts of the metropolis, and also did some session recording.

AlHell: Original member of Merryland Music Fountain. Specialises in sculpting sonic bass soundscapes with a hard rock edge. Has recorded two albums As 'Merryland Music Fountain' in New Zealand. Known for his ability to create vibes which immerse the listener in warmth and mind bending sonic soundscapes.

Kotau: DJ's Dub/Ambient/experimental soundscapes in various clubs around Seoul Korea and makes music with drums. A contributing member of the Linux Audio community. Co-Organisor of 'Ethos' part of the Anmyundo Summer Collaboration Festival celebrating the best of the local electronic scene.

Ripley: Professional drummer, Studying the art of Korean traditional drumming. Has toured throughout the USA with an Indonesian tribal chanting troupe. DJ's Ambient/world and experimental soundscapes in various clubs around Seoul, Korea and makes music with drums.

Some of our work so far.


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